Wednesday’s Word of Wisdom

I was at my baby shower for my first born, my Answer from God, my baby doll. Ladies in my family were going around the room sharing beautiful words of encouragement, along with hysterical forewarnings about what my life was about to look like. It came time for my husband’s Grandma to share. I leaned forward with anticipation, along with all the other ladies in the circle. We knew this was going to be good, and wanted to catch every word.
“When you are holding your new baby, singing to your baby, ‘Jesus Loves Me’, be sure to sing that truth to yourself as well.”

The fellow moms in rooms began to dab their eyes because they knew the importance of that truth. This advice pierced my soul. I wanted so badly for Jesus to love me again. After the poor choices, I had accepted God’s forgiveness and healing and blessings, but there wasn’t a day that went by where I questioned if He still loved me. Hearing my husband’s Grandma state the importance of reminding myself, and fellow moms, that in spite of wrong decisions of the past or present, exhaustion from a day filled with endless chores that seem to only be noticed by moms, time and energy that is demanded from us before our eyes open causing our time with God to feel rushed or non-existent, in spite of these things don’t forget that Jesus loves you.

“Jesus loves me” Such a simply saying, yet the power of His love can do more than we can ever imagine. Jesus wants you to remember that in the midst of your exhaustion, your survival, your chaos, He loves you.
Don’t forget that. Next time you are rocking your little one and singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’, take a minute and tell yourself, “Yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so”.




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